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September 22, 2016
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As the number one selling colloidal silver product on the market, Sovereign Silver is building on hundreds of years of tradition. Silver has long been known for its antiseptic properties, and it has been regularly used in alternative medicine for years. The production of colloidal silver involves suspending tiny particles of silver in a liquid. Many years ago, colloidal silver was used internally to kill harmful bacteria and treat various diseases.

The colloidal silver today.

Today, colloidal silver is prescribed by alternative practitioners to provide relief and treat many conditions. It can serve as a mineral supplement, and it is known for its germ-killing, healing, and immune system boosting abilities. Silver has even been prescribed to treat severe health conditions such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, and AIDs.

Over the past few decades, low-quality colloidal silver products have shed a negative light on this natural preventative. These products contain contaminants, such as salts and proteins, which can cause the colloidal silver to be harmful to those taking it. However, Sovereign Silver is considered the purest, refined colloidal silver available on the market. This product is meticulously produced, and even its glass packaging meets the highest standards of quality.

The Sovereign Silver availability.

Sovereign Silver is available both as a homeopathic medicine and as a dietary supplement. Many other brands are offering colloidal silver, but Sovereign Silver supplement is a popular choice due to its neutral taste, high-quality ingredients and great results.

Silver is known to clear the immune system. A regular controlled intake strengthens the immune system and prevents common colds. People have known to feel a remarkable difference in their total well-being after using the supplement. It also aids in digestion, so some people do use it when they have an upset stomach.

In the past, some silver has been known to turn the skin a bluish color, a condition called Argyria. However, Sovereign Silver is guaranteed not to do so, and this promise is backed by a representative. Food and Drug Administration. This product is the only silver hydrosol on the market that is supported by this statement.

The colloidal silver contents

This colloidal silver product includes 96 percent actively charged particles and the smallest average particle sizes available. The only ingredients in the product are silver and water. The silver is 99.99 percent pure and is present in a very small quantity. The water is high-quality medical grade and the combination of the two ingredients results in a clear and almost tasteless liquid.

Various uses for this silver hydrosol

There are various uses for this silver hydrosol and all claim to yield beneficial results. Take the liquid once daily to maintain the body’s systems or up the dosage to three times per day to build immunity. Those desiring protection support over the long term can take five servings per day. The dosage is one teaspoon of liquid held under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallowed.

In addition to the fluid, the manufacturer has created a homeopathic first aid gel made from silver. The gel serves as a skin infection fighter, and it calms minor inflammations of the skin. Also, it can reduce topical pain and help the skin to heal. The silver first aid gel can serve as a replacement for antiseptics, burn treatments, and rash fighters.

Silver Hydrosol Benefits.

Silver Hydrosol can help millions.
Recent studies and published documents have shown shocking evidence that conventional medicine and the American medical system is leading cause of death in the U.S. The statistics showed that conventional medicine is responsible for over 780,000 deaths a year. Medicine which was claimed to save people. The article stating this was written by Gary Null PhD.

With the knowledge that alternative medicine is the answer, there has been an explosion of alternative medicine studies in recent years. This has resulted in many powerful discoveries. One of these very important discoveries is Silver Hydrosol.

Silver existence.

Silver has actually been around long before “conventional medicine” but has recently regained popularity along with alternative medicine. Kevin Trudeau is one of the many people that support silver hydrosol. Silver is so powerful in healing that it is recommended and endorsed by Dr. Leonard Coldwell who has the highest cancer cure rate in the world and has helped over 35,000 patients.

Silver Hydrosol is a solution, containing silver ions which are atoms of silver that are missing one electron. Electrons contained in an atom determine the physical properties of that matter, resulting in what that matter can do. In this case, the silver atoms are distributed throughout the body when ingested and interact on a cellular level. The benefit of this is that silver acts as an anti microbial, anti viral, anti fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substance.

Silver Hydrosol also removes heavy metals from the body and cleanses it. Studies from over 25 years ago showed that heavy metals are responsible for nearly 80% of disease. Heavy metals are extremely dangerous because they suppress our immune systems, allow diseaseSilver Hydrosol to thrive in our bodies and take much longer to heal.

Silver Hydrosol as a tropical agent

We can also use Silver Hydrosol as a topical agent when we get cuts or infections on the skin or in our eyes. This prevents and stops infections. It also helps heal wounds faster than normal. Silver hydrosol has even been known to be very effective in curing skin conditions when used as a topical agent and so powerful that it has very positive effects against dangerous cancer cells.

Silver Hydrosol is one of our most effective weapons in combating disease and other ailments in our bodies.
Products that are made with impure silver are not safe or effective. Which is why it’s important when buying a silver solution product, that it is made with.999 pure silver. These products will normally contain 3-20 ppm (parts per million) of pure silver which is safe and very superior to cleansing and healing the body.

Silver is also positively charged. Positive silver particles are attracted to negative charged viruses and bacteria. So imagine having tiny nano-particle sized silver distributed throughout the body. This makes it virtually impossible for disease, viruses and other harmful agents to live in the body. With the removal of all harmful agents, this allows the immune system to flourish and take care of the body the way nature intended.

I have included one of the top companies to get Silver Hydrosol from. I wish you all the best in your health and wellness.

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